Getting Set Up Right And Winning Before You Begin

Welcome To Your Next Mission

In this module, you’ll learn how to set up your first 21-day challenge. You may do this once or you may come back and do this again until you cat the hang of it. Once you feel you’ve really ‘got it’ you can then move on to level 2 – where you go to a higher level. It’s important not to overdo it at first. It’s better to WIN and feel good and want to do more – than to overextend yourself and feel burned out. So take it slow, remember you are SAVING time to learning and applying this. And then get started.

Round 1 Part 1

What do you want

Your Essential 21 Day Challenge Docs

Download these docs BEFORE you begin your sessions. NOTE: You can ‘save a copy…’ of these docs and have them on your computer to fill in.

Your 21 Day Challenge Working Document

The Secret Formula To Get Things Done! Read this document before you do your virtual retreat.

Your 21 Days Challenge Answers Document

You will use this document while you’re on the virtual retreat. Make sure you ‘save a copy…’ before you come to the call and understand how to edit this doc.


Get Clear On Your VISION. Experience Your Success BEFORE you start

Get the Meditation

Round 1- Part 2

Why Do You Care and Your Vision Board

Round 2

How Will You Relax and Celebrate?

Round 3

What Is Your Plan?

Round 4

Discover Your High Impact Actions

Round 5

Create Your Daily Success Rituals

Round 6

Crafting Your Success Conditions

Round 7

Setting Up Bulletproof Accountability

Round 8

Kick Start Your 21 Day Challenge – The Checklist For Success


Print Out Your 21 DAY Calendar

My Unstoppable 21 Day Challenge Calendar

Your 21-Day Inspirations

Once you opt in - you will be added to: Doing Your 21 Day Challenge and get inspirational emails - starting the next day.


Awakened Etiquette for the Group

Joining this group is optional. You don’t need to do it unless you feel you want extra accountability and support and you find Facebook helpful.


Joining this exclusive group is your opportunity to connect with awesome next level evolutionary leaders like yourself. To keep the vibes high, here are the ‘rules’ for being part of this group.

1. SHARE your progress every day for the 21 days. Your sharing inspires others and helps you stay motivated. It is ESSENTIAL that you share your progress as you go along.

2. SUPPORT others. Share, like, and comment on posts. Show up for others and thank them for showing up for you.

3. BE LOVING. This is a loving, safe space. All love, no bad vibes allowed.

Awakened Academy Family/Tribe


Mission Accomplished?

We love you, . You’re awesome!

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