An Overview And Welcome To Your 21 Day Challenge

Welcome To Your Next Mission

Many blessings and welcome – lots of fun stuff here to help you get more down than ever before.
The main thing is to get started and do a challenge and see the results for yourself.
Note -the more you do this – the more powerful it will be as you get the hang of it.

The first 1-2 times you do it, it will take longer to understand how it all works. But then it will be easy and you’ll be able to take on new things.

Round 1

The 21 Day Challenge Overview

Round 2

The Secrets to Success

Round 3

The 3 Stages of the 21 Day Challenge and The Hero’s Journey


Are You Ready To Activate Your Own Hero’s Journey?

by Michael Mackintosh

Discover how to bring a project or idea to life (and why most people fail).

Discover the 12 stages of Your Hero’s Journey

by Michael Mackintosh

Find out WHY it can be so hard to finish things you start (and overcome it).

Round 4

Discover the Resistance

We love you, . You’re awesome!

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