Awakened Academy®
Blessings Affiliate Program

What is the Awakened Academy Affiliate Program?

The Awakened Academy Affiliate Program is an opportunity to share this life-changing course with others, to support their sacred transformation, and to earn a referral commission when someone you refer joins the Academy. We see this as an opportunity for blessings and abundance all around. It’s a win/win situation.


Why are we doing this?

Quite honestly, we’d rather give you money for helping us reach the right souls, rather than invest completely in ads! Of course, we still use advertising to share our Academy with the right people, however, we feel through you is the best, as you have lived and experienced the course, and can share your experience with others. We’d prefer to invest in you over advertising/social media companies.


What Courses can others join?

We have multiple ways people can join the Academy experience, therefore, you can still refer friends, family, and contacts who aren’t necessarily interested in becoming a Spiritual Life Coach, yet want to experience deep personal and spiritual growth.


The levels of the Academy are:

1. Awakened You: Deep personal and spiritual growth + opportunity for Spiritual Coach Foundation Certification.

2. Spiritual Life Coach Certification: Deep personal and spiritual growth, discovering your Dharma, and Spiritual Life Coach Training and Certification.

3. SLCC + Author, Course Creation, Wealth, Sacred Business and Marketing. All of the Spiritual Life Coach Certification levels + how to write and publish books, create courses, awaken your wealth consciousness and sacred business and marketing systems training.

How do I refer?

Fill in the application below to become an Awakened Academy Affiliate, and we will send you helpful free content to share with your family and friends, and a $250 gift card towards their Academy Course tuition!

We know these are transformative times, and want to make it as easy as possible for more souls to be supported in their spiritual and personal awakening, and enable them to provide their highest service in the world.




How much money do I make?

For each person you refer who joins an Awakened Academy Course, you earn the following:

1. Awakened You Referral: $200

2. Spiritual Life Coach Certification Referral: $350

3. SLCC + Author, Course Creation, Wealth, Sacred Business and Marketing: $500

If the person you refer pays for their course in full, you receive the full referral fee right away. If they choose a payment plan, you receive your payments split over 10 months, provided their payment plan stays in good standing.

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