Your Blessed Opportunity & New Reality

Welcome To Your Next Mission

Your mission , should you choose to accept it is:

To realize the amazing opportunity you have ahead of you to do what you love and make all the money you need. Realize your options and choose the types of things you can see yourself doing to make impact and income.

May the light be with you, .

Discover Your Blessed Opportunity: A Video Story from us on what your Awakened Life and Business can look like

This fun video goes over the opportunity you have (in essence). Watch the other videos for more details on what’s possible.

Mission One

Discover Your Blessed Opportunity

How will this session make your life better?

  • Discover the truly remarkable opportunity to make money online doing what you love. 
  • Understand the difference between creating a nourishing aligned lifestyle business vs. a draining business.
  • Realize why it’s essential for you to look after yourself – no matter how much you enjoy your work.
  • Receive an overview of the proven products you can sell: including – books, products, audiobooks, mentoring + coaching, retreats, affiliate marketing, membership websites, speaking. And more 🙂

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bonus: Income Calculator

Use this calculator to get an idea of how much money you can make by selling different types of products.
NOTE: This is speculative only and your actual income will be based on your effort.

Income Calculator

Mission Two

The 4 Step Manifestation Process

How will this session make your life better?

You will learn the importance of being able to discern what will be the most effective area in life for your clients to focus on first, thereby saving you countless hours in the coaching process.

The 4 Step Manifestation System

Mission Three (Bonus)

Letting Go of the Past and Experiencing the Light and Newness of Your New Business Audio and Guided Meditation

What will you learn

In this mission, you will be guided in letting go of any past experiences or expectations around business. You will be free to start anew.

How will this session make your life better?

This session will help you to clear the slate and start fresh with your new blessed opportunity and business.

We love you, . You’re awesome!

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