How to Configure Mashshare Social Sharing Plugin


Mashshare is a free Social Media Plugin, professional and highly customizable ecosystem for social media sharing and optimizing of your valuable content.

MashShare Plugin Setup

Upon installing the plugin, these are the settings that you have to pay attention to and leave the others as is.

Facebook Count: Choose shares, as it will count the number of shares only.

Fake Share Count: This is up to you, since newly published articles doesn’t have shares initially and seeing it without shares can be an eyesore. Fake share count will just randomize a number of shares depending on the value you put it.

Hide Share count: This is if you don’t want to use Fake share count. THe number of shares will only appear if a certain number of shares is reached.


Then, on the Networks TAB, just enter your social media URLs.

Then Choose the placement of your Social Buttons. Copy the settings below. (If you wish to show them above and below the content, just choose that on the position drop-down menu.


Change Meta Descriptions on your Post

Click on the blog post you want to edit and scroll down up to the MASHSHARE Options.

Change the Social Media Title, media description and media image.

After changing the details update the post, scroll down and validate the data.


Click on Fetch

Check the blog post and click on the share button to see if it’s updated.


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