A quick overview of how to easily create high-quality content

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter.
’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”
― Mark Twain

Welcome To Your Next Mission

Your mission , should you choose to accept it is:

Learn how to create content, then begin creating free content and sharing it with the world. Create at least 3 kinds of content (audio, video, blog, Facebook) and press SUBMIT so it goes out to the world.

May the light be with you, .

Mission One

Right Attitude to Content Creation

How will this session make your life better?

By thinking in this way – your whole life will become more fun and you will enjoy creating content without worrying too much about being perfect or getting specific results. It’s all fun and games.

What will you learn?

The right attitude to creating content so you don’t spin out and get too serious. How to deal with people who don’t like you (there will be some) and how to overcome perfectionism and just get on with it. And a lot more…

Having The Right Attitude To Content Creation

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy

Mission Two

How to create quality content fast – A proven Step-by-Step formula

How will this session make your life better?

This session will give you the proven step-by-step formula used by people all over the world to create high-quality content fast. Once you know this, it’s super fast and easy to create content and have great time doing it.

What will you learn?

The step-by-step system to creating content that can be used for blog posts, videos, audios and other various information products. You’ll discover the different learning styles and what you need to say to make sure people enjoy your content, and the message is delivered in a powerful simple way – with ease and grace.

How to create content PDF (Essential Read)

Creating Quality Content - Step By Step System

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy

How to Start a Blog

What, Why, How, What if – More Info

In this session, you will discover the proven, unshakeable system for creating content that captures attention, touches hearts and leads to people both buying your products/services and LOVING them! Make sure you etch this one into your brain, as it will lead you to providing great service, enjoying prosperity, and experiencing ease in creating content.

Mission Three

How to create, record & upload audio

How will this session make your life better?

You’ll know the exact step-by-step system to take an idea for an audio all the way through to creation and then finally sharing it with the world. What’s even better – by doing this once you’ll be able to do this over and over and over again, with it getting a little easier each time.

What will you learn?

What you need to have to create audios. The step-by-step system to create audio. What to avoid, and what to do, and everything in between.

How To Create, Record & Upload Audio

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy

Step-By-Step Overview Of Audio System

Recording Your Coaching Sessions


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