How to Transfer Ownership on Google Drive


This will guide you how to transfer the ownership to another user.

Why is this important?

Transferring ownership can free up the space on your drive as soon as it is acknowledged by the person being transferred.


From our experience, transferring the ownership messes up the directory structure of the files. We are not using the google drive desktop application but we are directly uploading files through the web app. According to our research, we must transfer the ownership first of the parent folders, next is the sub folders, and then the files inside those folders.  

If there is a better solution to upgrade this recipe, please do send me an email at

How to Transfer Ownership

  1. Right click on the parent folder that you want to transfer the ownership. Select share.

2. Click on the advance below.

2. Look for Michael on the selection and click on can edit. Select “is owner”  and click done. Then yes.

4. Do the same process on the subfolders and its contents.
5. This is going to be very redundant so if you have better solution please do it.
The way I did it is, after I transfer the folder’s ownership. I’m going to do a drive search and type in ( .mp4 ). Select all that you own and do the same process of transferring the ownership. Do the same process with ( .mp3 ).

6. Please do not immediately delete your files on your computer, you’re going to need it. Just in case the files and folders messed up on the web app. You can still re arrange it and place the files to its right folder accordingly, using your files on your computer as a guide.

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