How To Unlock Your “Next Level” in the Academy

Our academy is geared towards action, implementation, accountability and commitment. That’s why we designed our course to be drip fed wherein you can only access your next level by submitting the quizzes. Only if you finished learning and implementing a certain module.

Below are the instructions on how to unlock your next level.

For most of the academy modules, we have this mission accomplished button below each page. (Some doesn’t have) But for fast start session, we have this button.

After clicking on that button, you will then proceed to the quiz page.

In order to move to the next level and access it, you need to completely answer and submit the quiz. Just scroll down and you’ll see it’s there.

Make sure that you filled all text areas and given your most accurate answer. Then hit the “submit button”.

After submitting the form, you will proceed to the page as shown below. This means, you’ve successfully submitted your form and it’s time to relax and celebrate. Really!

Wait for an email from us about your next level. Enjoy!


If for some reason you still can’t access your next level even after following all instructions here. Just send us an email to and we will immediately fix this for you. Just remember that the technical support hours is weekdays 4pm  to 9am Arizona.