21 Day Challenge

How To Start – The Short Version


Watch These Videos and Then Get Started!

Get your one page document to do your 21 Day Challenge

If you just want to get started in the fastest, easiest way – all you need is this one document. And if you need more support – check out all the other materials. Have fun!

Print Out Your 21 DAY Calendar

My Unstoppable 21 Day Challenge Calendar

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Awakened Etiquette for the Group

Joining this group is optional. You don’t need to do it unless you feel you want extra accountability and support and you find Facebook helpful.


Joining this exclusive group is your opportunity to connect with awesome next level evolutionary leaders like yourself. To keep the vibes high, here are the ‘rules’ for being part of this group.

1. SHARE your progress every day for the 21 days. Your sharing inspires others and helps you stay motivated. It is ESSENTIAL that you share your progress as you go along.

2. SUPPORT others. Share, like, and comment on posts. Show up for others and thank them for showing up for you.

3. BE LOVING. This is a loving, safe space. All love, no bad vibes allowed.

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Mission Accomplished?

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