How to Create Kindle Direct Publishing

What Is Kindle Direct Publishing

is’s e-book publishing unit launched in 2007, concurrently with the first Amazon Kindle device. Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to be used by authors and publishers to independently publish their books directly to Kindle and Kindle Apps worldwide.


How Authors Publish Their Books

Amazon’s KDP is one of the tools authors can use to publish their work online. Publishing through KDP makes an eBook available on Amazon to Kindle readers. KDP includes a variety of useful features, including free file conversion, sales tracking, and additional tools to help you format special types of books, like textbooks and children’s books.

How to Create Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Go to and Sign Up
  • Go to Bookshelf
  • Click Kindle eBook to Create a New Title


Look at all 100 books in the list and see ‘what is hot’ – what is selling?

How to find a hot topic that people want to buy?
Go on amazon look at categories often and SEE what is selling
If a new hot topic is around – eg Evernote – then people want it NOW – and there is a gap in the market and if you write about that people will buy it – as it’s new and there a need

Browse Amazon for 20-30 mins per day. See what people buy. Find out what people want.
What is hot? What is selling? What is NOT selling? Where are the hot categories?
Become familiar with the market. What is going on?

Find the gap in the market that’s not being met or underserved

What’s selling a ton – but there are only a few books like it?
Find the hidden gems
eg. Books on Evernote sell a ton – but there are not many of them around

  1. Title
  2. Cover
  3. Categories

Kindle eBook Details



Book Title

  • Book Title ( Make the 1st Letter Capital )
  • Subtitle ( Optional )


  • Series Information ( Optional )
  • Series Number

Edition Number

  • Edition Number ( Optional )


  • Primary Author or Contributor


  • Use HTML Format to maximize the description using HTML Tag to make sure it’s catchy eyes entire description

Publishing Rights


  • Enter up to 7 search keywords that describe your book.
  • Make Sure Use all 7
  • It’s basically tells Amazon Which Keyword should target promoting your book


  • You Can Choose Up to Two Browse Categories
  • Two Categories Most reliable Related to your Topic
  • Important for RANKING

Age And Grade Range

  • Children’s Book age range ( Optional )
  • U.S Grade Range ( Optional )

Pre- Order

Click Save and Continue

Kindle eBook Content



Digital Rights Management ( DRM )

Is intended to inhibit unauthorized distribution of the kindle file of your book. Some authors want to encourage readers to share their work, and choose not to have DRM applied to their book. If you choose DRM, Customers will still be able to lend the book to another user for a short period, and can also purchase the book as a gift for another user from the kindle store.

Important : Once you publish your book, you cannot change its DRM setting

Protecting Your file from being shared


Upload eBook Manuscript

Kindle eBook Cover

You can create cover using their Cover Creator tool or Upload your own Kindle eBook Cover

  1. Use Cover Creator to make your book Cover
  2. Upload a Cover you already Have ( JPG/TIFF Only )


Kindle eBook Preview

The Online Previewer is the easiest way to preview. It lets you preview most books as they would appear on Kindle e-readers, tablets and phones.


Kindle eBook ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

ISBN ( Optional )

  • is not required to publish content with Kindle Direct Publishing. Once your content is published on the KDP website, will assign it a 10-digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), which is unique to the eBook, and is an identification number for the Kindle Book on
  • Kindle eBooks are not required to have an ISBN


Publisher ( Optional )

Save and Continue

Kindle eBook Pricing


Royalty Options

Any publisher, author, or other rights holder can select the 70% royalty option for their individual eligible titles. To select the 70% royalty option for new or existing eligible titles, follow the instructions on the Enter Pricing Information help page.


Title Eligibility

To qualify for the 70% royalty option, books must meet these requirements:

  • The author or publisher-supplied list price must satisfy list price requirements
  • The list price must be at least 20% below the lowest list price for the physical book
  • Titles must be made available for sale in all geographies for which the author or publisher has rights


Royalty Calculations

If you select the 35% royalty option, your royalty will be 35% of your list price without VAT for each unit sold.

If you select the 70% royalty option, your royalty will be 70% of your list price without VAT, less delivery costs (average delivery costs are $0.06 per unit sold, and vary by file size), for each eligible book sold to customers in the 70% territories listed below, and 35% of the list price for each unit sold to customers residing outside the 70% territories.

If we sell your digital book at a price below your list price without VAT in order to match price with a third party selling any digital or physical edition of the book, or to match Amazon’s price for a physical edition of the book, you will receive 70% of our sale price for each eligible book sold to customers in the 70% territories, less delivery costs, and less any applicable VAT. For additional details, see the Pricing Page and Terms and Conditions.


KDP Select Enrollment

Maximize My Royalties with KDP Select ( Optional )

  • With KDP Select, you can reach more readers, earn more money, maximize your sales potential


  • Select the territories for which you hold distribution rights.


70% Territories

The 70% royalty option only applies to books sold to customers in the countries listed below. You do not need to live in one of the 70% territories in order to receive the 70% royalty option.

70% Territories:

  • Andorra
  • Australia (including territories Christmas Island (CX), Cocos Keeling Islands (CC), Heard & McDonald Islands (HM), and Northfolk Island (NF))
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil*
  • Canada
  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Guernsey
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • India*
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Japan*
  • Jersey
  • Lichtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Mexico*
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand (including territories Cook Islands (CK), Niue (NU), and Tokelau)
  • San Marino
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Vatican City

Royalty and Pricing

KDP Pricing Support

  • See the relationship between price and past sales and author earnings for KDP books like yours.

( Note : Just For Starter )


Enroll in Kindle MatchBook ( Optional )

  • Give customers who purchase your print book from amazon the option to purchase your Kindle eBook for $2.99 or less
  • Check * This title is enrolled in Kindle Matchbook ( Uncheck to opt out of the program )


Book Lending

Allow Kindle Book Lending ( Optional )

  • Allow your customers to lend your Kindle eBook after purchasing it to their friends and family for a duration of 14 days.
  • *allow Lending for this book


Terms & Conditions

  • It can take up to 72 hours for your title to be available for purchase on amazon


Publish your Kindle eBook

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