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The challenge will start on November 5, 2018. Please always check your email inbox that you used to signup for the challenge for our updates.


  1. You still have a few days left before the challenge starts. When it does, you should have prepared your Vision, Relaxation & Celebrations, High Impact Actions, Daily Success Rituals, Success Conditions, and Bulletproof Accountability. So you can just focus on implementation with ease and grace.

  2. On DAY 1 of the challenge, we will post an image on the group. Challengers must report their “day 1” progress on the comment section of that specific post. So make sure that you’re inside the Group. Click here to Join if you haven’t done already.

  3. On DAY 2, we will post another image and all challengers must report their “Day 2” progress on the comment section of that specific post only. Not in any other place or post.

  4. No one is allowed to comment elsewhere, but just in the comment section of the post image on that specific DAY only.

  5. No self-promotion is allowed. Links to external products, to own website etc.

  6. No member is allowed to personal message other group members and ask to promote their product or service. Every conversation must be in the comment section.

  7. We have the rights to give necessary action to those who will violate the rules.



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