How To Create Your Course

In this Result Module, You Will Learn…

  • How to create a course

Your Results From Applying This Module…

  • You’ll feel a deep heart connection to the souls you’re here to serve
  • You’ll be in touch with the deep knowing of who you’re here to support and how
  • You’ll realize and awaken to the most practice, sustainable, profitable and enjoyable area you can focus on and how to best use your energy for service

Session 1:

Your Perfect Customer

Create Your Own Course TEMPLATE

How will this session make your life better?

  • This session will hit home to the core of your Dharma; the closer you feel to your Dharma, the happier you are!
  • You’ll conceptually and intuitively tap into your perfect customer and feel their presence
  • You’ll open your heart to the love that is driving your Dharma forward. The love between you and the souls you’re here for is what drives your mission

What will you learn?

  • You’ll see in your mind’s eye the soul(s) you’re here for (or at least sense them)
  • You’ll allow your subconscious mind to fill in the answers to the questions asked, as greater awareness comes into your conscious mind about who you’re here for

Dharma All About Them - WHO are you here to serve

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy

Free Mind Map Software

Maslow’s Needs

Session 2:

Your Dharma About “THEM” Total Clarity Magic Sheet

How will this session make your life better?

  • You will have a full understanding of how to answer the most important questions for your Dharma.
  • You will be guided through an explanation of what you need to be and become aware of to create a successful business and service.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn more about the mindsets you need to have around you business and those you’re here for
  • By going through this, you will learn a lot of your perfect customer; who she/he is, where he/she is etc. (It’s fascinating and wonderful!)

Your Perfect Customer


How will this session make your life better?

  • You will feel JOY for what you’re doing. A good sign is you can’t stop smiling and find the whole thing really fun… you’re on the right track!
  • You’ll get in touch with what ACTUALLY makes you happy!

What will you learn?

  • You ‘unlearn’ what you thought you needed to do for your business and marketing… and get in touch with what is real and true for YOU!
  • You’ll awaken the feeling of joy in your heart for how and what you want to share with others : )

Does it Spark Joy (Some Ideas)

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