Joy Coaching
Mission 1

Your Personal Joy Coach

Learn more about yourself and discover what will support you best.

The purpose of your Joy Coach is to help you get exactly what you want with more joy and less effort. It’s a personalized coaching journey, just for you. If you are interested in this, then read what it involves and how to get started.

Mission 3

Take your personal Joy Coach Quiz

If you’ve connected with your joy coach been accepted for Personal Joy Coaching, then it’s time to do your Joy Quiz. This quiz allows us to learn all about you, your needs, desires, level of experience so far and what you love most. Based on this, we will tailor your experience of this program, so you can do less work and get better results, faster and easier.

Mission 4

Schedule Your Personal Joy Adventure Call

This call is with your Joy Coach who will look at all your answers and then discuss the best path forward for you.

The aim of this call is to:

  • Go over your answers so we can clarify exactly what you want and what is going on in your life.
  • Get clear on exactly what you want, so you can feel it and see it – the clearer you are, the better you’ll feel now and the easier it is to help you get it.
  • Find ways to overcome any obstacles that are in your way.
  • Create an initial personal plan for you to move through AA and get what you want as easily as possible.
  • Find a special word or mantra to ground in the feeling to help you manifest what you want easier.
  • And at the end, you’ll have at least ONE or TWO clear action steps to move you forward into what you want – while feeling great!