Set intentions that manifest and meet your awakened family


“Let today be the start of something new,
something remarkable.”
– Arielle Hecht


Create & Share Your Sacred Intentions

How will this session make your life better?

You will be crystal clear on your true intentions. Your heart and mind unite, your masculine and feminine marry to reveal your true, authentic Intentions for Awakened Academy.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to tap into your core values and what truth in your heart has called you to Awakened Leadership & Sacred Business.

Setting Your Sacred Intentions

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy

How to do it? The Quick Recap

Share Your Sacred Intentions

Feel free to write up your sacred intentions in another document, and then copy and paste them in the box. Once you send your intentions, please email us a photo of your lovely self to . Thank you!


Join The Family FB group

How will this session make your life better?

This one is easy :-). It’s simply fun to be part of our online community. Even if you have steered away from Facebook, it’s fun and rewarding to create an account simply for connecting with our Awakened Academy private group. You can receive the support of the group to hold you accountable during your 21 day challenges, and enjoy receiving support and helpful guidance and love from the entire Awakened Academy family.

What will you learn?

Just how nourishing and wonderful it is to give and receive love, to feel deeply supported by a family of souls who ‘gets’ you and appreciates you.

Not on Facebook?

If you don’t use Facebook or you don’t want to join the group – that’s fine. Just skip this.


Creating Your Celebration Winning Fun list & Giving Yourself Permission to have JOY

How will this session make your life better?

You will awaken the fun and joy within your heart, the permission to enjoy your life and celebrate the successes you experience. This makes the learning and growing process nourishing and fun.

What will you learn?

You will learn why it’s so essential that we enjoy the journey of life. We are conditioned to always be going after the next thing, and never really enjoy where we are. When you learn to experience small ‘wins’ and enjoy the journey, celebrating along the way in a nourishing way, your life will take on new light.

Enjoying Your Life NOW & Celebrating Your Success

by Michael & Arielle | Awakened Academy


Are You Willing To Awaken?
The Secret to Amazing Transformation

How will this session make your life better?

You’ll unlock a higher level of consciousness within you and discover the capacity for success, freedom and joy.

What will you learn?

The main reason for success (or failure) that is not obvious and how to turn things around with just this simple technique.

Are You Willing To Awaken - The Secret to Amazing Transformation

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy


Feel Good Essentials

How will this session make your life better?

Sometimes, the very most basic things in life are what make a big difference to our quality of life, clarity of mind and feeling of well-being. In this session you will learn about nourishing yourself with the basics so your life can feel more centered, peaceful and balanced – supporting you in doing wonders in the world.

What will you learn?

You will learn (remember) the importance of getting enough sleep, eating enough and drinking enough water, and how these very basic life essentials can make a big difference to your quality of life. We also share about the sacredness of your personal divine path. Each soul has his/her own path, and we honor and support you in following yours.

Visions and Daily Rituals - Heads Up

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy

Your Divine Path

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy


Bonus: Your Meditation Experience

How will these meditations make your life better?

By listening to these powerful guided meditation experiences, you’ll relax into a beautiful place within you, transform your level of consciousness and shift the place from which you experience your life. Enjoy!

What will you learn?

These meditations are not about learning, they are about becoming through allowing. The more you listen to them, the deeper you’ll feel the effects. Enjoy!

Hand of Blessing

by Arielle Hecht | Awakened Academy

We love you, . You’re awesome!

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